Introspective Write-Up#5 – Wrapping Up 2019

I don't have anything to churn out. I have not finished any games or finish any anime. Well I did finish games, I just do not feel like writing about it. I finished the first Sakura Wars and Ghost in the Shells on PS1. The former to get myself into the franchise to be ready … Continue reading Introspective Write-Up#5 – Wrapping Up 2019

Trying to play: River City Girls

The only merits I see in recommending this game, is when it is on sales, and you are just a casual fan of old school beat em up. It's not a terrible game, it is not terrible either. River City Girls tries to have a little bit of everything while not excels in any of … Continue reading Trying to play: River City Girls

Introspective Write Up #04 – Where have I been?

Let's just say I screw up again. As in, taking way too long for me to release my latest article, again. I am notoriously bad at time management. I also try to be analytical, but the fear of negative backlash and mistakes and pretentiousness keep me from releasing my articles, because I check them again … Continue reading Introspective Write Up #04 – Where have I been?